Saturday, 26 December 2015

Unexpected Present

It was christmas eve and Michael sadly turned on the tv. He took a beer from the fridge and sat down on the sofa. He sighed, he was alone with no one to go to on this special evening all because Suzanne, his wife,  unexpectedly had to go to work on this evening. He hadn't complained, because he knew that that wouldn't help, if her boss said that she had to work she would have to. He sighed again: "If I could only help her to finish her work so she could come home early..." At the exact moment these words were spoken a little christmaself came by and heard Michael's desperate wish. With the powers Santa gave him, he granted the wish. Michael suddenly blacked out and when he woke up again it was in a familiar body though not in his own. He was in the body of Suzanne! And she/he was right in the middle of giving a blowjob to Mr. Malorian. He couldn't believe it, the fact that he had just been put in the body of his (apparently) cheating wife and the fact that she had been lying to him the whole time. He let out a little cry, wich Mr. Malorian seemed to find quite exciting as he unexpectedly came in Michael's mouth and on his face. At least his wish succeeded, he had finished her work early... This was just not the kind of work he had meant... 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Mad Janitor (Interactive)

As you were walking through the corridors of your school, you suddenly got hit on the head by someone and you were dragged away. When you wake up you see the Janitor sitting in front of you, with a wide grin on his face. "What is this, what are you going to do to me!" You shout. He laughs, "funny that you sould ask, I'm going to use you for my own purposes. Nothing personal, I just needed someone with a weak mind, so it's easier to control it. I saw your grades and I'm convinced that you're the right person for this. I would say sorry, but I actually don't care... Just touch the object on the desk in front of you and you'll be free." You don't really grap that... He just said he didn't care and now he offers you your freedom? Well, better take it then before he changes his mind! You see the object in front of you an you touch it. A shock of electricity goes through your spine and you black out... What object was in front of you? 5choices, choose wisely ;)


Option 4: The Iphone
Option 5: The flute

Good luck! Always nice to get some comments, certainly on interactives. So feel free to do that! :) 


Being a star

Hi guys! I know it has been far to long... But I'm going to try to be more active again :) here are two old captions (wich I actually made once for a captioncontest on celebswap's blog (The link is below) the theme was "swapping with the stars") Sadly I didn't win ;) But it's just something for you guys in the mean time... I'm working on some captions (and some interactives as well) so it shouldn't be that long before you here from me again.
Bye! :) 
Check it out if you don't know it yet!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Constructing a time-machine (gone wrong)

As requested by an anonymous, more time travel stuff. I hope you like it and if not, feel free to give some feedback 'cause I'm definitely planning on doing some more timetravel content! 
I'm currently working very hard on the interactive requested by Alex Lam, can't promise when it will be finished BUT it is be coming soon! :) in the mean time I will try make some normal captions like this one, just to keep you guys busy ;) 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Never going to fail again

So a quick one for today, hope you guys like it! And something important! If anyone has a request, just put it in a comment, (or message me directly with the tool I've put on the blog, it's somewhere above the tags if I'm right ;) ) but I will also always get a mail when someone comments, so I will read it and I will try to make your willings come true ;) enjoy the cap!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Merlin's shop: The soappearls

Hi guys! 
Finally! A new post and even better, it's a new interactive! 
I hope you guys like it, I've really put some effort in it, like I already said, I really don't have that much time but I do enjoy it and I will definitely keep making caps again. I can't promise anything, but I'll do my very best to make time for a caption here or there. I hope you appreciate that....
Comments are always welcome!

As you're walking trough the mall. (Like you always do when you've had a bad day, it helps you to relax.) you come across a little shop with some strange mystical signs on the door. A little man with a long beard and a weird hat is sitting on a chair at the side of the door. "Can I help you?" :He asks. 
Not really in the mood for any social contact you answer."No, not interested in your crappy shop. Leave me alone." 
On the man's face appears a grin, "offcourse I'll leave you be. But take this, as ... Compensation for disturbing your thoughts." The old man gives you a little bag with 8 soappearls, to trow in your bath. You don't know why, but you're not even able to resist the offer, without any control of your own body, you take the pearls and walk home immediatly. When you're home, (still not under control) you walk to your bathroom, get out of your clothes, fill the bath with hot water and throw one of the pearls in the hot water. When that's finished you get into the bath. You finally feel like your regaining control over your own body. But then, you black out in the hot steam of your bath. 

Wich of the 8 pearls did you trow in the bath? Pink, darkgreen, red, purple, blue, yellow, lightgreen and the other pink ( sorry, I'm tired...  ;) ) 

The pink pearl:

The darkgreen pearl:

The red pearl:

The purple pearl:

The blue pearl:

The yellow pearl:

The lightgreen pearl:

The otherpink pearl ( sorry, I'm tired...;) ) :

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Still alive

Hi guys,
What a surprise! I'm still alive! I know this blog has been dead for more then a year and I very much want to say sorry for that. I'm just very busy... Let me explain a bit, I'm a student in acting and I need to work a lot for that. Writing stuff myself, acting(obviously), reading, ... So a lot of creative effort is needed for those things, what makes that I have less creativity left for captions... AND at the same time I'm being very active since last year in a theatercompany (nothing to do with the schoolwork) so I have to combine all of that and sometimes it's very hard... But I think now, it's time for a comeback! I really will not promise to much about the activity and contuinity. But I am working on a new interactive right now to celebrate the comeback and I have some more ideas as well so :) 
Thanks for understanding and I am very thankfull to the people who sended messages when I was gone, that really moved me and motivated me again!