Saturday, 26 December 2015

Unexpected Present

It was christmas eve and Michael sadly turned on the tv. He took a beer from the fridge and sat down on the sofa. He sighed, he was alone with no one to go to on this special evening all because Suzanne, his wife,  unexpectedly had to go to work on this evening. He hadn't complained, because he knew that that wouldn't help, if her boss said that she had to work she would have to. He sighed again: "If I could only help her to finish her work so she could come home early..." At the exact moment these words were spoken a little christmaself came by and heard Michael's desperate wish. With the powers Santa gave him, he granted the wish. Michael suddenly blacked out and when he woke up again it was in a familiar body though not in his own. He was in the body of Suzanne! And she/he was right in the middle of giving a blowjob to Mr. Malorian. He couldn't believe it, the fact that he had just been put in the body of his (apparently) cheating wife and the fact that she had been lying to him the whole time. He let out a little cry, wich Mr. Malorian seemed to find quite exciting as he unexpectedly came in Michael's mouth and on his face. At least his wish succeeded, he had finished her work early... This was just not the kind of work he had meant... 

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  1. Nice post, hope to see more great captions